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Welcome to Squared Monitoring

Squared Monitoring Information & Media (P) Ltd is engaged in the business of monitoring Television Channels, Radio Channels and Press Publications (Newspapers, magazines & other periodicals) for :


Squared Monitoring digitally records, monitors and compiles all new TV Ads, radio Ads, Newspaper & Magazine Ads, Web Ads on a daily basis to provide solutions tailored to meet ones individual requirements. For example, an ad-hoc request for a TVC that appeared a month ago or a compilation of all TV, radio web and print ads for Skin Care in the past year. The commercials and ads are sorted by product category, language, duration and title via specially designed database software for easy viewing and retrieval.

Squared Monitoring advertising monitoring services may be acquired on an Ad Hoc or Subscription basis:

Ad Hoc
Tailor your requests for ad compilations in specific categories in specific time frames. For example, all hair care tv commercials and print ads in the last 6 months.

Daily Free Alerts
New Ads are reported to you by e-mail on a daily basis via a custom system based on the type of AD monitoring you require.

Monthly / Fortnightly / Weekly Update
This service compiles all new ads in a month including revised versions of previous ads with a Summary Listing for your reference by the first week of the following month

Per Ad base Subscription
This service allows you to take quota of ads and view the ads thru our online database

Online Access to Ad Gallery via website
Post subscription one gets the access to download and view ads directly from our website
Our databank extends from 2004 onwards till date. We have collection of ads from TV, Print, Radio, Web, and Press News Clippings.

Event Tracking
Analyse your visibility during a sports, awards, competition events. For example one can simply know, how many times their products have been visible and talked about in a specific event